Something to think about: is a not-for-profit cultural venture that aims to bring people together from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to explore pressing contemporary issues. Each project will have its own unique format which could be an exhibition, a talk, a magazine, a conference, a concert, a poster campaign, a meal, a residency, etc. 

We are continually bombarded with information in the form of news, entertainment and advertising, from everywhere around the globe. This noisy barrage of undifferentiated data keeps us in an agitated and perpetually distracted state. 

Having the time and mental space to think and reflect feels increasingly like a luxury that is out of reach. How then can we focus on anything in a sustained, expansive and profound way, enabling us to make informed decisions about complex issues, and to act in an empowered way?

Something to think about: attempts to address this question by providing a venue for thinking, talking, and collaborating.